Thursday, March 27, 2008

BC Children’s Hospital

Daddy took the afternoon off today, to take Arman with Mommy to the BC Children’s Hospital here in Vancouver. We have an appointment with a specialist to take a look at Arman’s legs. As you may already know, Arman had surgery when he was three to straighten his legs due to Blount’s Disease. We think his legs were over-corrected during that surgery, and so now Arman’s legs are bent outwards rather severely, instead of being severely bow-legged.

Anyway, we brought Arman’s old X-Rays, and a letter from Arman’s previous pediatic orthopaedic specialist. We also explained the entire history and circumstance of Arman’s situation. We took a few X-Rays with Arman on the premises, and met with doctor again for a prognosis.

The doctor said that one leg looks all right, but that the other may require surgery. However, there’s nothing that we could do right now, but to come again in 6 months for a follow-up session.

Our entire appointment was about an hour and a half from arrival to departure (with X-Ray in the middle). And it was all covered by our insurance. I was pretty impressed with the service and the facilities. Our next appointment will be in early September. Hopefully, there’ll be some good news then? Maybe?

Hang in there, Arman!

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