Saturday, April 5, 2008

UBC Botanical Garden

With Spring in full gear, Mommy signed us up for a tour of the UBC Botanical Garden. Nenek prepared a hearty breakfast for the long walk ahead. And what did she make? Roti Canai - from scratch. It was awesome. We've had Roti Canai at home before, but only the frozen kind from the freezer. These one were made the old fashioned way - Malaysian style.

We arrived at the UBC Botanical Garden in good spirits. The garden itself wasn't very far, but we took the local community C20 bus there anyway, to conserve energy I suppose. We arrived on time, but some people were late, so we had some time to hang around the entrance to the gardens and checkout the gift shop.

Arman wants some Seeds

Arman saw some seeds for sale. Mommy has been getting the kids interested in gardening. And so Arman threw a tantrum, wanting to buy some seeds to plant at home. Mommy explained that she already bought some seeds which they can plant at home.

Traversing a Tunnel

We took a lot of photos. You can check them out on facebook. And you don't have to sign in to view them. I'm hoping these photos are clearer, in case some of you guys want to print them and stuff.

The Skunk Cabbage

One of the plants of interest was the Skunk Cabbage. It's supposedly quite smelly, that I didn't actually smell it. The kids though didn't seem to think it was all that smelly. I wonder what kind of taste the have? Cause you know taste is related to smell.

After the tour, we headed inside for some refreshments, and some activities for the kids. The kids made a little smelly thing, something like potpourri, which they can keep in their pillow or in their dresser. I think they had fun making them.

Arts and Craft

After that was all over, we had our own little 'refreshment' session. Mommy made some croquette last night, specifically for today's journey. And we feasted on that, kinds of like a late lunch. It was so Yummy!!! Can you make some more Mommy?

Food for lunch

It was quite a nice day out. And rather than wait for the bus, which comes every 30 minutes if you missed it, we decided to walk back home. Home wasn't that far. I'd say about 2 km. We stopped by a playground on the way. The kids couldn't resist it.

On the way back from the Garden

And that was our first trip to the UBC Botanical Garden. It was quite nice, and we'd definitely go again, perhaps when Mak Long comes to visit in May. Do check out the photos I uploaded on facebook. And drop us some comments every now and again.


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