Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Choir Practice

Daddy volunteered to coach a kids choir, to perform at the upcoming Agong’s Birthday celebration hosted by the Consulate General of Malaysia in Vancouver. And today is the first practice, held at the CG`s home located near Oakridge Mall. We still have the zip car station wagon we borrowed yesterday, and Daddy already picked up the new mattresses from IKEA this morning. Nenek was a little shy, and stayed home today.

This was the first time Daddy ever headed a choir of kids, and I was happy to have Mommy around to help. She certainly was a little more organized than I was. We opted for the brute force approach - I sing, and the kids follow. Eventually, the kids will remember the tune and all the lyrics. Kids usually work best that way. Take a look, it’s turning out alright…

The practice was about an hour. Kids don’t have much patience anyway. But we distributed lyrics to the kids’ parents, so that they can practice at home. And that was the end of the kids’ first choir practice. We look forward to their actual performance in June.

First Choir Practice

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