Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Mattresses from IKEA

It’s Saturday, and today we’re taking a trip to IKEA (in Coquitlam) to get some new mattresses for the kids. They’ve been sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed recently, complaining that their bed is too hard (Reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears). We figure we can also use the kids’ existing mattresses (which are actually futons) as like extra beds for when we have guests. Mak Long is coming to visit next month, and so she’ll need something to sleep on in the living room, since Nenek has taken the fold-out sofa bed.

Just to be safe, we rented a station wagon zip car late this afternoon (I plan to use the car to go to the kids’ First Choir Practice tomorrow). It’s got much bigger trunk space. And so we had to take the bus a ways to get it on Burrard St. Nenek decided to stay home by herself. I thought Coquitlam would be really far, but as it turns out, by car, Coquitlam (well, at least the Coquitlam border close to Burnaby) is only about 30 minutes away. So we arrived around 7 pm with some time to browse (IKEA closes at 9 pm on Saturdays).

I did some research, and the mattresses we wanted to get were on sale. We just wanted to test it before buying. And the kids liked it. But when we headed down to the warehouse area to retrieve it, it was not available. It was technically in stock, but stored away somewhere. According to the staff, it would only be taken down tonight, and would be available first thing tomorrow morning. And so, we headed back home, almost empty handed (Mommy bought some stuff for baking). Daddy will need to drive back out here tomorrow morning to get the 2 mattresses for Melur and Arman. That shouldn’t be too bad - new mattresses for Melur and Arman, and kind of new futon for Mak Long, and anybody else who’d like to stay over and visit us in Vancouver. Come on over…

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