Friday, April 18, 2008

Melur Loses First Tooth

Loose Tooth. Can you see it?

Exciting news... Melur has a loose tooth. Her front right tooth has been loose for slightly more than a week. And now it is ready to come out. Papa, Mommy, Nenek and Arman all circled around Melur for the big event.

Nenek tries her hand

Looks Traumatic

Alas, the tooth was very stubborn. Totally refused to budge even though Melur has been wiggling it for days. We all asked Nenek to take care of it since she used to work as a dental nurse. Nenek tried to pull it out with facial tissue... since it was slippery. But that didn't work. Papa tried to pull it out with floss but that didn't work out either. Everybody gave up hope...except for Mommy. Mommy used floss and voila... tooth out. Melur cried when she saw the blood... hmmm... no chance of becoming a doctor there...

It's Out! Now can you see it?

Melur plans to put her tooth underneath her pillow at night when she sleeps so that the Tooth Fairy can give her some sweets or money in exchange for her baby tooth.

Incidentally, after putting Arman and Melur to bed, it SNOWED!!! Like, really!!! It’s the middle of April, and we’re getting snow in Vancouver. What is this world coming to?

Snowing in April

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