Saturday, March 8, 2008

Check Out Stanley Park

We're at Stanley Park for the first time. Daddy borrowed a Zip Car to check out the venue for tomorrow's Harry's 8K Run. We'll be using the car tomorrow to get to the race and back. We'll also have some errands to run tomorrow after the race. We should try to make full use of the car while we have it.

Anyway, we stopped at one of the many beaches at Stanley Park to take in the sights. It's a wonderful day today. A little chilly, but otherwise quite nice. We're looking forward to some good weather for tomorrow's Run. It'll be fun, and a good start while training for the Scotiabank Half Marathon, which takes place in June. That's a little over 3 months away.

The kids are always in a good mood, especially with Nenek around. We're always thinking about what new place to take Nenek to whenever we have a car. It's so much easier to get around. This weekend, Nenek will get to experience Stanley Park, and Mommy and Daddy's second race every.

I hope we survive...

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