Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Melur's First Recital

This week is Melur's Spring Break – one week of no school. Mommy and Papa decided to send Melur to art and dance camp at Commons Block, instead of Kinderclub/daycare. Melur loves both artwork and dance, so we know she will enjoy the camp.

Arman Pretends to Sleep

The camp is for 5 days, Monday to Friday (March 17 until 21), and the recital is on the following Tuesday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm, which is TODAY. Mommy, Arman and Nenek headed out to Commons Block. Papa is working, but that is OK. We are all very excited to see Melur perform. The show started about 15 minutes late though. Mommy took pictures of Arman and Nenek while waiting. See Arman faking sleep because he is bored? He wants to go home because he is sleepy. So cute!

Melur and Akasia

So here is Melur sitting with her friend, Akasia. Akasia lives in Acadia Park and is in the same class as Melur at school. The background for the recital is the artwork from the kids. Unfortunately, we ran out of batteries before the recital started. We only manage to take a few pictures (blurred).

And just to let you guys know, the dance is a modern interpretation dance. It is supposed to represent Canada, multiculturalism and magic. Hmmmm......

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