Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Melur and Arman Mengaji

Today, Nenek started teaching Melur some ‘mengaji’ (reading Arabic, phonetically). Melur got dressed appropriately for the affair. How cute is that?

We’re lucky to have Nenek around, not only to help us out around the house, but also to teach the kids stuff, like ‘mengaji’ and the Malay language. We don’t speak enough Malay to the kids, so having Nenek around really reinforces the Malay language with them.

And the kids aren’t easy around Nenek. I think Melur and Arman feel they can get away with more things with their Nenek, compared with their Mommy and Daddy. I think that’s the typical scenario between most grand children and their grand parents. But Nenek soldiers on.

Thank you, Nenek!

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