Sunday, March 9, 2008

Harry 8K Run 2008

We did it! Mommy and Daddy can add another race to their belt - the Harry Rosen 8K Run 2008 at Stanley Park. It was a really nice day today, and we made it there just in time to start (but not early enough to be at the front of the line). We left Arman and Melur with Nenek, while Mommy and Daddy began stretching at the back of the starting line.

Before the Race

Mommy and Daddy started out running together, for about the first kilometer. Then Daddy went ahead with the rest of the pack. I think it's been a while since my last run, cause Daddy was all pooped out about 2-3 km into the race. Ha ha... But I still made it through to the end. And the familiar rush of completing a race came flooding back! My time was a lot slower that last year's Longest Day run, but that didn't deter from the awesome feeling of finishing a race.

Running the Race

After the Race

Mommy finished soon after I did. We celebrated with Nenek and the kids. We got lots of free stuff too, and the kids were quite entertained. Stanley Park is a beautiful place, with specatular views of both the sea and the mountains. Soon after we finished the race, we decided to venture to Granville Island (sorry... no pictures) and then the Halal Store, and then the veggie store. A pretty productive day that started with a race.

What will we do next week?

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tulip said...

hi kak ayu, roy, melur and arman!!

hehehe.. how are u guys doing? it's me marina.. wahh.. kak ayu.. u run a marathon? haha.. i'm no longer fit to do the running lah.. sesia pergi gym.. balik sini terus macam kena pump. anyway, keep writing about ur ermm adventures? and as i promised roy, i'll put a link to my blog. do visit. haven't had time to update.. will do soon. regards, marina :)