Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Big Day for Arman

Today’s going to be a big day for Arman. We started with Daddy taking Arman to the dentist, for his filling. A few weeks ago, the kids had their 6-month dental check-up. And, just like before, Arman needs filling, while Melur does not. Lucky Melur! And Daddy gets to spend some time with Arman this fine morning.

Arman started off in good spirits. But he started getting cranky mid way through it. The dentist gave up putting on the rubber raincoat, and went in old school. I must say though, our dentist is AWESOME! I did my best to talk Arman through the procedure. And before we knew it, it was all over – in no time.

After seeing the dentist, we met up with Mommy, and took the bus to Toys R Us. Melur didn’t want to come, and so she stayed at home with Nenek. We’re going to Toys R Us to get Arman a new bike, since Arman was able to ride his current bike without any training wheels. Way to go, Arman! I think he’s pretty excited to get a new bike.

On the Bus to Toys R Us

Anyway, that was our day. Arman chose a smaller bike that Melur. Mommy and Daddy just wanted Arman to get a bike he was comfortable with. And we didn’t get to bring home the bike today. Just like with Melur’s bike, Toys R Us s going to assemble the bike first, and I’ll pick up the bike after work on Monday. Be patient Arman. You’ll get your bike in no time too.

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