Saturday, October 25, 2008

Early Birthday for Mommy

It’s Saturday, 2 days before Mommy’s birthday. Daddy had to attend an AGM for MABC Canada this afternoon, and so we planned to meet up at Metropolis at Metrotown right after. I arrived at the mall around 4:30 pm, and rendezvoused with Mommy and the kids at the food court. They were having a late afternoon snack. I didn’t have time to eat at the MABC meeting, even though food was served. So I ordered up a veggie burrito for myself.

We had a chance to walk around quite a bit. With Halloween just a week away, the mall was filled with ghoulish décor. One atrium in particular had a Ghost House, though purely ornamental (you can’t go inside). It’s just for show. Just the same, the kids were entertained with dead bodies lying on some sort of torture device.

After exploring a few stores, we stopped for some yoghurt/smoothie at Yogen Fruz. It’s quite delightful – yoghurt and fresh fruit blended together. Every few feet along the mall corridors, there are quaint little sitting areas with sectionals and sofas. It’s a great place to relax amidst a busy day of shopping. And that’s where we sat while we enjoyed our little desserts.

Anyway, Mommy has been in an “exercise” mood lately, and so we stopped at a few sports stores. While she was shopping, I managed to coax the kids into making their first purchase on their own. They were thirsty, and so I handed them a toonie so they could buy themselves a drink. And so they did, while I watched about 20 feet away. They were scared (or shy) at first. But after a little encouraging, they managed to do it, and felt really proud and happy afterwards. I’m really proud of them too.

Before long, it was time to head home. It was already quite dark outside, and cold. We had only been walking around for an hour or so. Seeing as we were all quite tired, we decided to celebrate Mommy’s birthday a little early, and have dinner out with the family. The venue… Hime Sushi on 10th, right next door to the library in Point Grey. Mommy took the kids there a couple of times before, and they just love it.

Anyway… seeing as we were already kind of celebrating Mommy’s birthday already (2 days early, 1 day if you’re in Malaysia), I decided to give Mommy her birthday present. What do you think, Mommy? Do you like it?

Sorry, the picture isn’t so great. We forgot to bring our camera, and so I had to use my camera phone, which has a much lower resolution. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mommy! We’ll have your cake tomorrow.

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The Wife said...

Happy Belated Bday, Kak Ayu!