Sunday, October 26, 2008

True Confections for Mommy

Okay... So it’s still not Mommy’s birthday yet. But it’s Sunday, and Mommy’s birthday is just a day away. It’ll be more fun to celebrate Mommy’s birthday on the weekend, rather than on a weekday. And so I went out this morning with Arman to True Confections and got Mommy a cake. Since I didn’t order the cake ahead, the cake didn’t have any writing on it. But it’s a good cake.

But before I go into the birthday festivities, I want to mention that Melur is now able to make butterfly origami all on her own. Mommy and the kids borrowed some origami books from the local library earlier this week. And Mommy also bought some origami paper from the Internet. We’ve all been trying our hand at origami. And now Melur is going to make a butterfly origami for all her classmates. Good job Melur.

Now back to the festivities… What do you think of the birthday cake? It looks awesome! It tastes awesome too. Arman chose the Chocolate Orange Cake for Mommy. Here’s a video:

Anyway, we were only able to take pictures on my phone yesterday, so hopefully today you can take a better look at the birthday present Daddy got for Mommy. I also got her flowers.

Melur made Mommy a present, a little heart-shaped necklace, made with tender loving care. You can see it in the picture below:

So this is how we celebrated Mommy’s birthday (in addition to yesterday’s sushi dinner). Maybe we’ll have a bigger one next year. Anybody want a slice of cake? We really recommend it.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

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