Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Costumes

So this is going to be a short entry. We went out today to get Melur and Arman some costumes for the upcoming Halloween. As you know, every year, they go out Trick or Treating around Acadia Park. Last year, Melur went as a princess, and Arman went as an Ape, the same Ape costume Melur used the year before. Basically, we have a budget for only one new costume every year, and this year it’s Arman’s turn.

For some reason, whenever we go shopping, I forget to take the camera out and take pictures. And so this is the only picture we took today – Arman trying out a ninja costume as Zellers. You’ll see more pictures of him come Halloween time.

We got the ninja costume. So Arman’s going as a ninja, or as he’d call it: a “Henja”. I find the pronunciation so adorable, that I find myself saying “Henja” too. Maybe I shouldn’t aggravate the situation. Anyway, stay tuned for costumes from Halloween, coming up soon.

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