Sunday, September 14, 2008

Melur's Belated Party

It's finally time to have Melur's birthday party. Melur's birthday was actually 2 weeks ago, but due to the availability of the birthday venue, we weren't able to host Melur's party until today. Our little townhouse is way too small to host any kind of party really. So we opted to have it at the UBC gymnasium.

We arrived at the party late. I know, it's our own party, how can we be late? But we had some cake and zipcar trouble. Note to self: for big events like Melur's birthday, don't skimp out on the zipcar rental, and get it for the whole day (instead of just an hour or two, which is want we started out doing).

When we arrived, all the other guests were already there waiting for us. We quickly got things started. Basically, for the first half of the event, the kids would hang out with a gymnastics instructor, and do some fun gymnastics stuff. Mommy stayed with the kids and took videos, while Daddy had to go run errands, namely, get some pizza for the party. Take a look at videos from the gymnastics portion of the party:

Our favorite pizza place wasn't open when I arrived (the open at 4:30 pm on Sundays), and so I had to drive down to West Point Grey for some Pizza Hut. When I got back, the gymnastics portion just finished, and it was time to relax with some food and cake. We moved the kids upstairs to where the food was and started the festivities.

The kids were really famished (and parched) after an hour of gymnastics. We quickly pulled out the pizza, drinks and other snacks. And true to form, everybody was focused on eating and drinking. Before long, it was time to get the cake out. We got Melur’s cake from Dairy Queen again. Mommy (umm… I mean Melur) really likes ice-cream cake.

We were about to dismiss for the day, since our time was pretty much out. But we hadn’t open the presents yet. So we decided to quickly go through the Present Opening portion of the party. Look at all the kinds of presents that Melur got… mostly arts and crafts.

Here’s a summary video of the festivities. Wish you were there:

Happy Birthday Melur

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