Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Happening on the Hill

On the way back from swimming today, we noticed a fun fair of sorts outside University Village. It was another Happening on the Hill. The kids had lots of fun there last year, and so we decided to drop by. I didn’t bring my Kodak camera, so had to settle for the camera phone.

Arman and I have our swimming classes half an hour before Melur has hers (with Mommy). And so for half an hour, it was just Arman and I at the Jim Everett Park. Melur and Mommy joined us soon after.

There were lots of things to do, as with previous years - free popcorn, games and prizes; even the same spin art and inflatable play areas. Check it out:

Anyway, this was a nice change to our usual “Go straight home after swimming”. Hope the kids have fun. If you’re here in September, you can look forward to a Happening on the Hill.

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