Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Christine

Today, Arman attended Christine’s Birthday Party at the Commons Block. He got an invitation a couple of weeks ago. Melur was a little jealous, not being able to attend. It IS Arman’s friend, after all. Anyway, we got Christine a present and had Arman write a message on top.

Christine invited a LOT of people to her party. I think nearly the entire class was there. Christine also had a magician at the party, which was very entertaining. You can check out the video later. He’s really good, and catered to little kids. Funny. You just have to check out the video later.

After the magic show, it was food time. Cheese pizza was served (which seems the popular and safe food for children’s birthday parties). The kids all got a souvenir from the magic show. And after food and cake, there was a final activity – I call it the “Pull the string and get the candy from the piñata” event. You’ll see that in the video too. I’ve kind of joined all the short clips together for you viewing enjoyments. See:

Anyway, I think Arman had a lot of fun. I was surprised to see him play with all his friends. Here you see him with Qianah and Maddy from Kinderclub. They really seem to get along well.

Happy Birthday Christine

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