Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pick-Up Arman

Arman started school this week, and this time around, Daddy will be picking up Arman after work. Last year, I sent Melur in the morning, and Mommy would pick her up after school. This year, Mommy sends Arman and Melur to school in the morning. Mommy still picks up Melur, since Melur finishes school early, around 2:45pm. So I'm left with Arman.

Anyway... we're still getting summer-like weather, hopefully for a few more weeks. Arman has his bike, and so we took the trail back home. Unfortunately, Daddy lost his bike a couple of weeks ago, while attending a Java seminar downtown. That was my fault really, for forgetting to lock the bike in my haste to get to class on time. Oh well... it IS the end of summer, and I wouldn't be biking to work for very much longer anyway.

So we took the trail back home, Arman on his bike, and me on foot. It wasn't so bad. The weather was good. I find myself going through the same things with Arman today, as I did with Melur just last semester. Melur liked taking the trails to school, since it was downhill. Arman has to work a little harder since it's a little uphill on the way back.

Arman is so chatty, as all his teachers have come to realize. Arman is always so inquisitive, but he usually remembers everything we tell him, so I don't mind explaining him things in detail. And we spend most of our trip home talking about how things work.

Welcome to Kindergarten, Arman. Keep that inquisitive spirit going!

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