Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shopping and Booster Seats

Mommy and Daddy went to the Metropolis Mall at Metrotown today, to do a little shopping. Since today’s little shopping event was all business (we had a lot to get for Raya, for the kids and for the family in general), we got Kakak Jehan to baby-sit while we were away. And we zoomed away in our little zipcar, which we rented for the day.

Kakak Jehan is a great baby-sitter. We told her to use the camera with the kids while we were away, and she did with some pictures and a short video. Take a look at the kids having lunch together in our dining room:

Anyway, we got back later in the evening, with lots of stuff from our trip. The kids got lots of new clothes, and a new set of bedding for Raya (something more appropriate for the cold winter weather). One item of particular interest is the booster seats we got for the kids. It recently became mandatory in Canada for children aged 9 and below to be buckled with a booster seat when travelling in cars. And so we got a pair from Zellers. Arman was really anxious and excited to try them out, and so we did. What do you think?

After putting away all our stuff, we put our booster seats to good use, and made a short trip to Safeway as a family, to get a few supplies.

Ride Safe in Canada.

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