Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Melur

Today is Melur’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Melur! But unfortunately, all the birthday venues are used or booked up (since the semester at UBC is starting this week). So we won’t be having a big party with her friends for another 2 weeks. Hope you can be patient.

But today, since it IS Melur’s birthday, we decided to have a small cake at home – Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen. We also let her open some of her presents. Check out the watch that Nenek got for her. It comes with instructions for how to tell the time… simplified for kids. Pretty cool…

Anyway, you have to check out this Barbie laptop we got her from Toys R Us. It is so cool. It may look like a toy, but it has all kids of games, math games, spelling games, and games about manners, if you can believe that. I was in shock. Melur is going to be so popular with her friends.

I have to add one more story to this entry. After our little party, as we hung out in the living room, I taught the kids how to play checkers. I was so impressed. They picked up the rules pretty quickly, and were able to play on their own.

I’m so proud of Melur and Arman. Hope they have fun with their newfound game. I’ll be sure to teach them new and interesting things to do in the years to come. I wonder when they’ll start playing chess…

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