Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

We decided to watch the new Kung Fu Panda movie today. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. They weren’t showing it at our regular Empire Theatre at Oakridge Mall. And I acquired a couple Two-For-One coupons using my AirMiles. So where did we go instead? This is our first trip the Empire Theatre on Granville, located downtown.

We took the 17 from UBC to Pacific Centre Mall. Mommy had to get some contact lenses, since she ran out recently and forgot to get new ones on-line. That wasn’t too hard. And since we were hungry, we stopped by the Food Court for a late lunch:

The movie theatre is only a couple of blocks south from the mall. It was a pretty good mall. I think the one at Metropolis is the biggest, and the best, but it’s also the furthest away. But it wasn’t a huge compromise coming here. It was a little cozier. And since the movie had been out a while already, the theatre was quite empty. I dare say it was just us, and maybe 2 other parties in the entire theatre.

I know Arman is easily excited by movies. And true to form, he couldn’t sit still. He was actually quite scared of Tai Lung (the antagonist from the movie). Check out what Melur and Arman had to say about the movie, after the movie, while waiting at the bus stop:

Anyway… it was a good fun. We may actually come out here again. The theatre is pretty good. But the kids’ show here always comes out a little later than the other theatre further away.

Did anybody else watch Kung Fu Panda?

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