Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reading and Math

I always make fun of Melur, telling her to do reading… and then math… and then reading… and then math… and so on. Mommy has been really good in providing Melur with more reading and math activities at home. And you can see from this video that Mommy took, both Melur and Arman are diligently studying at home:

Arman has been pretty good with his studies. We were able to put Arman through preschool, and I think he’s better prepared to go to Kindergarten, compared to Melur when she was his age. We couldn’t get Melur into preschool when we arrived in Vancouver. Everything was filled. And if you remember from our first year, we had to settle with a part-time nanny.

Anyway, I’m proud of Melur and Arman. They’re not study averse, which is great. Sure, there are times when they are grumpy and cranky (especially when they’re tired), but when they’re not, they can get a lot done.

Keep it up guys!

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