Friday, June 13, 2008

Clean-Up Day at Acadia Pre-School

It’s Friday, and it’s Clean-Up Day at Acadia Pre-School. I decided to take the day off, not only because it’s clean-up day, but also because the Agong's Birthday celebration is tonight, and we need time to prepare.

The weather was really nice this Friday morning. Many parents were here to help clean up the school grounds. The school ground isn’t very large, but with everyone’s help we could get the cleaning done quickly. Arman and Daddy helped clean the outside, scooping up dirt (that was swept into a pile by other parents), and putting it back into the playground area with a shovel.

Despite all the clean-up work, Arman still found time to play with his friends. I chanced to meet one of his good friends, Hogan. Hogan is only a month younger than Arman, but because Hogan is born in 2004 (not 2003 like Arman), he won’t be joining Arman at Kinderclub come the fall. Aww… But Hogan will still be around Acadia Park.

Mommy joined us soon after. And a BBQ lunch was served. We had the usual vegetarian fair. After lunch, I had to dart to Friday prayers, and Mommy and Arman headed home. One more big event to prepare for tonight!

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