Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Amirah

Today, we were invited to Amirah’s birthday party (I hope that’s spelt right) at her house near Oakridge Mall. We arrived a little early, and decided to get a few things at the mall first, before heading to Amirah’s house.

We arrived on time, which by Malaysian standards is kind of early. But the other guests arrived soon after we did. I brought my guitar since today was also a practice day for the choir, before the kids perform for the Agong’s Birthday next week.

I thought Uncle Aliman’s house was pretty nice (Amirah’s dad). We entered through the front door, I set aside my guitar (Melur and Arman handed their present to Amirah), and we proceeded to the backyard, which was pretty big. I thought today was going to be a regular birthday party, but it turned out to be a BBQ as well. What a bonus!!! The backyard was enclosed, so we just let the kids roam free and play with the other kids.

Birthday and BBQ

The food was awesome, and we met many other Malaysians whom we didn’t even know were coming, like the students from UBC. While enjoying the food, I also got a chance to hold Amirah’s new little sister, born in Canada just a couple of months ago.

The baby seemed to take a liking to me. Her mom was busy, preparing things for the BBQ. I don’t think she minds me holding her baby for a while. Arman seemed very excited to see the baby. Take a look for yourselves:

New Baby Sister

We spent quite a bit of time outside. Weather was good. Food was good. Company was good too. I got to make some new friends. Soon after, it was time to sing the birthday song for the birthday girl.

Birthday Song for Amirah

That was pretty much our Saturday evening. We had a short choir practice, but I think the kids really wanted to play outside. So I cut it short. I think they’re ready for the show next week anyway. What can you really expect from a bunch of 5-6 year olds. Arman is only 4! I’ll be sure to post that as soon as I can. Anyway…

Happy Birthday Amirah!

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