Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Melur Kinderclub Dance Recital

Daddy Left work early today just to see Melur dance at her dance recital. Melur and her classmates at Kinderclub have been taking dance lessons, and today is the culmination of many weeks of practice. I wonder what Melur and her classmates have in store for us.

I arrived on time, but Mommy and Arman were a little late. Lucky for us (I guess), some of the other parents were late as well. Once all the parents arrived, we were ready to start. The theme was Country Western, and the kids appeared in cowboy outfits – blue jeans, t-shirts and cowboy hats. The first bit – Achy Break Heart.

Achy Breaky Heart

Look at Melur go. I think she has quite a knack for dance. The next video is actually 2 performances one after the other. Unfortunately, due to technical constraints, the second performance was cut a little prematurely. But it’s still fun to watch. Check out the Macarena moves:


There was just one last performance, which the kids performed sitting down – Lollipop!


We were thoroughly entertained, and so proud of Melur and all the other kids. They all did a good job. And they thanked their teacher with hugs and flowers.

After the dance festivities, we made it back to Kinderclub (the performance was held in the University Hill facility, by the way) for some food. The kids were able to savour the moment and relax. Take a break, guys. You deserve it!

Before long, we had to hurry home. Mommy and Daddy have writing class tonight. We have Kakak Jehan baby-sitting the kids tonight. Take good care of them, Kakak Jehan. We’ll be back after class.

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The Husband said...

Way to go niece!! You made the rest of the group look like posers! Wacth out 'Malaysia Idol Season 22!'