Saturday, June 14, 2008

New BBQ Grill

We have the zipcar today until 5pm. And so we decided to get a new BBQ grill. Summer is here, and what better time to get a grill and enjoy yummy BBQ chicken outside. We made our way to Zellers near Oakridge Mall to make a selection.

This was our first BBQ grill. And to be frank, I’ve never handled a gas grill. I’m use to charcoal. But in the time I’ve spent in Vancouver, I’ve noticed that charcoal grills aren’t that popular. Maybe it’s an environment thing, or a clean up thing. But since people used gas grills, I guess that’s what we’d have to get.

I asked the sales person at Zellers for a crash course in gas grills, and before long, we made our purchase. The whole thing barely fit into our little zipcar, but we made accommodations. And before we could get home, we had to fill up our BBQ grill gas tank (which comes empty when purchased). We were told that any old gas station would do the job. But that wasn’t the case.

The first gas station we went to only take trade-ins, which is apparent the case at most gas stations. We were advised not to trade in our brand new gas container, since the safety of the one we purchased is guaranteed. You never really know how old or how structurally sound the used gas containers are. The closest gas station that filled up empty containers is a few miles south towards the airport. That wasn’t the end of it.

When we got there, they couldn’t fill up the container. Since we had a brand new container that has never been filled with gas before, it had to be purged first. And so we had to drive down a few more blocks to get it purged and then filled. But anyway, we had the car, and we really wanted the BBQ. No big deal…

When we got home, it took me about 45 minutes to assemble the thing. It’s a fairly large grill. I went through the instructions slowly to make sure everything was put together properly. Once everything was put together, we got ready for our first BBQ… which is TODAY! Hahahahaa… We couldn’t wait.

Actually, the Malaysian students at UBC where going to invite us for BBQ by the beach tomorrow. But when we told them we were getting a BBQ grill today, we pushed the BBQ to today as well. We’ll have a picnic by the beach tomorrow instead. Mommy prepared the meat, and the BBQ was ready to go.

New BBQ Grill
The Malaysian students arrived a bit late, but there was plenty of food to go around. And with a gas grill, you can start and stop the BBQ anytime you want. As you can see, we barbequed into the night. It was fun. I wonder when our next BBQ will be. I doubt it’ll be very long from now.

Summer is here!

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The Husband said...

Wah, BBQ Grill!! So cool! I want one too.. You can replace papa's famous bbq chicken next time youre back.