Saturday, June 28, 2008

Akasia’s Tea Party

And here we thought it was a birthday party.

Friends: Melur, Akasia and Arshia

We spent part of the afternoon getting Akasia a present. We were invited to her party. We assumed it was her birthday, since we attended Arshia’s birthday party just a few weekends ago. When we arrived, we were in our festive mood, congratulating Akasia on her special day. Lo and behold, it was just a tea party. Check out the revelation:

The Revelation: It's NOT a Birthday Party

Anyway… just like most kids’ parties, there were lots of games for the kids. One of these games involves the kids walking around a set of chairs while the music play. And the idea is, when the music stops, everyone rushes for a seat, and the last one without a seat gets kicked out of the game.

You see, in the spirit of sportsmanship, there are no losers in the game. So even if you get kicked out, you get a small consolation prize on your way out. But… the kids caught on to this scheme, and started volunteering to get kicked out, just to get the consolation prize. Nobody wanted to sit down at the end of the music. Check out the turning point below, when the kids first started staying off their chairs to get the consolation prize.

Games Gone Awry

Oh well… kids are so smart, if you give them the opportunity. Thank you Akasia for inviting us to your party. We certainly had lots of fun!

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