Friday, June 13, 2008

Agong’s Birthday Celebration

It’s finally here! After weeks of practice, the kids’ choir will finally be performing their 2 patriotic songs in front of a Malaysian audience at the Agong’s Birthday Celebration hosted by the Consulate General of Malaysia in Vancouver.

The show is suppose to start at 6 pm, with a short rehearsal with the kids at around 5:30 pm. We donned our traditional Malaysian outfits, and drove our zipcar to the Terasen Building, which is where the Consulate General’s office is located. The performance is being held on the ground floor, in one of the ballrooms.

We parked in the basement, and made our way to the ballroom. It was a pretty big ballroom; with a small make shift stage in the middle. We weren’t the only ones performing tonight. We had other traditional dance and silat performances as well. I was happy to contribute what I could to this festive event. And I knew no matter what happens, the kids can do no wrong and will be utterly adorable.

We managed to squeeze in a little practice time before the guests arrived. But the kids were hungry and quite distracted really. We had to sneak in the back room for some food. I have to say, the food is awesome. Can’t wait for the dinner to start. Check out the following short video of the cast:

Kids' Choir Cast

Once the guests arrived, we started the ceremony with speeches and presentations from the various contributors. Before long, it was our turn to perform. And so, here it is!

Kids' Choir Performance

I was really proud of the kids’ performance today. Everyone said they did a good job. But really! How can such a cute group of kids do anything wrong. After our little stint, it was finally time for the dinner. Mmmm…. Malaysian Food!!!

Once the kids weren’t full anymore, they went about playing with the other kids. And Mommy and Daddy took the opportunity to catch up with the other Malaysian, and make some new Malaysian friends in Vancouver. There are apparently quite a few of us.

We stayed pretty late. We didn’t mind since we had a car. We had a really good time meeting other Malaysians, and eating Malaysian food. Now that the kids’ choir has performed its “duty”, there’ll be no more weekend gatherings with the kids. L I guess I’ll have to find other avenues to get the kids involved in music.

Good Job, Kids Choir.


The Wife said...

Oh my, the kids looked so cute singing! now i wish Danny can play guitar! haha :)

Ayah said...

Bravo kids... bravo...