Saturday, May 31, 2008

BBQ at the Beach

Today, the Seri Malaysia Club (SMC) and Singapore Raffles Club (SRC) are hosting a BBQ at the beach. Mak Long and Nenek left for Malaysia three nights ago, and so it’s just our small family again. Mommy has to work again this weekend, so Melur, Arman and I made our way to the beach for some awesome BBQ.

On the Trail

I felt a little adventurous today. So after our usual swimming class this morning, we made our way to Jericho Beach by bike. Yeah, that’s right! We made our way to the beach on our bikes. I know it’s seems a little out there, but I think the kids can handle it. And so we used the local trails and rode past Melur’s school down a trail that headed to the beach.

Not Quite There Yet

After about 30-40 minutes of riding, we made it to the beach, Acadia Beach. But Jericho beach is a ways west of where we are, and so we made our way along beach towards the BBQ.

Final Stretch

We made it to the beach after about an hour and 15 minutes of riding. The other guests at the BBQ were very impressed with what the kids did. Personally, I was very proud of them. I wonder where else I can take them by bike. They were such troopers. I hope the food will be a good pay-off after such a ride.

We're there... Finally!

There wasn’t any food available when we arrived, so Kak Ina took the kids to the sandy beach while we got some fresh food on the fire. That was really nice of her. We took some pictures and videos on the beach.

Hello, Kak Ina

I guess we got tired of waiting for the food and headed back to the BBQ. Everybody knows that people who wait by the food get the food first. The kids were able to participate in the cooking. Arman was the first to start fanning the flames, on his own initiative. He was really into it. I started calling him the Natural Chef. Check it out! And of course, craving all the attention that Arman was getting, Melur just had to step into the limelight.

BBQ Chicken

Natural Chef

The food was pretty good. The clubs were nice enough to provide Halal food for the Muslims – very thoughtful of them. The new SRC president is none other that daddy’s lead vocalist from Gardenburst – Lionel Leong. Thanks Lionel for the awesome food. After spending over an hour at the BBQ, it was time to head home.

The trip to the beach was pretty easy actually, since it was mostly down hill. The trip back on the other hand… Well that’s another story. We walked our bikes up this really steep hill. But the steeper the hill, the shorter the distance. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still a big hill. But at least it was a relatively short walk up, rather than a long drawn out and slow walk up a hill we could really ride up anyway. The kids were such troopers. We took some pictures and videos mid-way up the hill. Arman needed to pee (had to pee in public).

On The Hill

We made it up the hill in one piece. We stopped by Safeway to do some groceries, and then made our way back home. I was certainly tired, but the kids were again quite energetic.

On The Way Home

When we got home, I checked the trip odometer on my bike. The kids and I traveled 8 km today. That’s quite a feat, if I do say so myself. Though most of it was down hill, and we walked our bikes up hill part way, it was still a pretty good distance.

Unfortunately, Daddy got in a little trouble later, because Melur complained of “sakit kaki” (leg pains) at night. I say it’s growing pains, but who knows. We had fun today… But I’ll think twice about taking the kids on long bike rides next time. Sorry Melur (for “sakit kaki”) and Sorry Mommy (for having to wake up and helping Melur in the middle of the night).

Bike ride, anyone?

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