Sunday, May 4, 2008

Acadia Preschool BBQ

It’s Sunday, and what a busy Sunday it is. We begin the afternoon with a BBQ lunch hosted by the Acadia Park Preschool. Other than the BBQ itself (we had vegetarian hot dogs), there were lots of activities to enjoy.

Water Balloons

One of the first activities was with water balloons. Thank God nobody actually got wet, at least not too wet. Kids take turns playing catch with the water balloons until someone drops it and breaks it.

Inflatable Play Pen

Kids also got balloon toys. There was quite a line. Melur got a flower, while Arman got a sword. Girls will be girls, and boys will be boys.

Balloon Toys

When Arman’s sword got unravelled, the kids started playing at the playground. Melur is already a master as the monkey bars. Arman joined soon after, climbing and climbing. The look like they’re having so much fun.

Climbing like Monkeys

Soon, the food was ready. But even then, the kids couldn’t stop playing. Arman made soap bubbles, and Melur got some face paint. Here are some random pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I borrowed a zip car today, and headed to Granville Island Public Market to buy some fresh fish. Nenek came long to make the selection, and the kids came too of course. The kids are always excited to see live crab in the aquarium. I wonder when we’ll get a taste of that fresh seafood.

Picking Fish at Granville Island

Anyway, after Granville Island, we rushed over to the Consulate General’s house for choir practice. This is our second practice. And I decided to do a full video recording of one of our pieces. Check out Arman! He’s bouncing around. He always gets so excited.

Choir Practice

And this is how we spent this particular Sunday – Acadia Park BBQ, Granville Island, and Choir Practice at the Consulate General’s House. Well done!

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