Saturday, May 3, 2008

Arshia's 6th Birthday

Today is Arshia’s Birthday. Arshia is Melur’s classmate from Kinderclub. She lives really close by, in Acadia Park, and they often take the bus together (when she’s not riding her bike to school).

Melur was very excited to be invited to the party. We bought Arshia presents a week before, and we were anxious to see Arshia’s reaction. Melur picked a present herself.

We arrived on time, but some of the other guests arrived a bit late. Arshia’s mom prepared quite a few activities for the party. We began with some jigsaw puzzles.

Pin the Recycables

After that, we played a version of “Pin the Tail to the Donkey”, except that instead of a donkey, it was a Recycle Bin, and instead of a Tail, it was a Tin Can (to be recycled). I guess there’s a “hidden” lesson to be learned here. **WINK**

The next game was a version of “Balance the Egg in a Spoon”, except with a plain rubber ball – less messy, I guess. The kids didn’t quite understand the game, and so the first time around, the kids ran across the room. Balls were flying everywhere. We had to re-organize everybody and start over. This time around (see video below), everybody was in slow motion. It was so funny to see!

Slow Motion

Then came the time to cut the cake. We sang the birthday song, and passed the cake around for everyone to enjoy. Everybody enjoyed the food.

After everyone had his or her fill of food, it was time to open the presents. There were a lot of presents, but the one of interest to us was of course Melur and Arman’s presents. See video below:

Opening Presents

Before leaving, Arshia handed out party packs to everyone who attended. Melur and Arman (myself included) had such a good time at the party. Too bad Mommy couldn’t join us. But I guess there are many pictures and videos to look at. You can see our Facebook Album of Arshia’s Birthday here, as well as more videos on You Tube here.

Happy Birthday Arshia

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