Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last Outing with Mak Long

It’s Sunday, and the last weekend before Mak Long and Nenek leave for Malaysia later this week. And so, we decided to make the best of this day. Since we have the zipcar at our disposal this morning (leftover from yesterday’s trip), we decided to head to Granville Island, just so that Mak Long could say she was there. Nenek has been to Granville Island several times before, so she stayed home (well, we couldn’t really fit so many people in the car – Sorry, Nenek).

Shops at Granville Island

We did a fair bit of exploring, and looking around. Granville Island has a lot of shops selling souvenirs and the like. There were many street performers too – very quaint. We stopped for some pastries and enjoyed the nice weather outside.

Pastry at Granville Island

I had to return the zipcar before our 24 hour “lease” expired, and so we hurried home and had lunch. Later in the afternoon, we made our way on foot to the UBC Botanical Gardens. Again, since Nenek has been there before, she decided to stay at home (really, she wanted to stay home).

Enroute to the UBC Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden was quite different this time around. It’s probably because it’s a different season from when we went last time. We also wandered significantly farther and explored more of the grounds than before. We took a few pictures.

We came across a supposedly famous tree, at least famous for this place – the Hollow Tree. The kids had fun walking through it. I think I’ve seen bigger trees back in the US, but for Melur and Arman, it was fun and exciting. What do you guys think?

Hollow Tree at Botanical Gardens

We were already on our way back when we passed the Hollow Tree. But the kids were quite tired already. And tired equals cranky, at least for our kids. Look how Melur and Arman handle it.

Do the LOOK Tired?

Well, we made it out of the botanical gardens in one piece. We bribed the kids with ice cream (We couldn’t help it). And that was that. The kids were more accommodating as we made our way back on foot.

Heading Home with Ice-Cream

Since this is probably our last entry with Mak Long and Nenek, we thank you (you meaning Mak Long and Nenek) for coming over and hope you had a nice time. Do come visit us again if you have the time (and money). We certainly enjoyed your company, and look forward to having you around again.

Goodbye Nenek and Mak Long

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