Saturday, May 24, 2008

Briyani, Beach and Blizzard

Today, Nenek wants to treat us for lunch at Seri Malaysia. And so we took out the Zipcar and made our way to Hastings and Nanaimo. When we got there, we saw a garage sale just around the corner from Seri Malaysia and decided to check it out for a little bit. As it turns out, we met someone with roots from Malaysia. What an interesting place to meet a Malaysian, and one who’s never been to the Seri Malaysia restaurant just around the corner. I recommended the Briyani to him. The kids bought a magnifying glass for a loonie.

All done with the Food

When we got to Seri Malaysia, we all ordered the Briyani - 3 Lamb Briyani and 2 Chicken Briyani. Very Yummy! If you haven’t tried it here, you should. And it’s Halal. Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t here like our last trip. But it was a good trip nonetheless. After lunch, we did our customary stop at the local Asian stores (much cheaper than in our neighbourhood), and headed home.

Since it was another nice day today, and we had a car for the day, we decided to go to Jericho beach. Mommy and Nenek stayed at home. We stopped by the dollar store at the University Village to buy new kites. This is our second attempt this summer at flying kites by the beach.

It was quite sunny out. The quality of the kites wasn’t so great (it was only 2 bucks a kite, really!), but we managed to get one up in the air. Melur had lots of fun flying her kite. Arman was off somewhere else with Mak Long.

Melur Flies a Kite

After some kite flying, Melur played some Frisbee with Mak Long. And Arman was off somewhere else by himself. He likes to wander off on his own. I went out looking for him.

Playing the Frisbee

Where's Arman

What a nice afternoon. We didn’t want it to end. Listen to what the kids have to say at the end of our trip.

Wrapping up the Day

Ooh… before heading home, we decided to make one last trip to Dairy Queen. Our last trip there left an impression. We thought it’d be the perfect ending to a perfect day – a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Well, Mak Long got the Blizzard. The kids like their DQ Dipped Cones. I had an Arctic Rush… a slushy / slurpee DQ-style.

Dairy Queen, again?

And that was our Saturday of Briyani at Seri Malaysia, Fun at Jericho Beach, and Blizzards and Ice Cream from Dairy Queen. Wished you were here, Mommy and Nenek!

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