Friday, May 2, 2008

U-Hill Fun Fair

Today Mommy prepared her special Nutella Swirl Cupcake for a funfair hosted by U-Hill Elementary. Melur's school hosted the funfair to raise money for library books and gym equipment. Parents were asked to donate old toys and/or baked goods. These will become prizes that you can win at the games.

(LEFT: Melur holding up tickets for the Fun Fair)

Arman, Melur, Mommy and Papa headed out to U-Hill Elementary at 5:30 pm today to checkout the games. The funfair is held at the school gym. It is quite a large gym but since there are a lot of other kids and parents there, it was packed. We decided to split up – Melur with Mommy, and Arman with Papa. We went on separate ways so that both kids can take turns playing games that they like. Mommy and Papa think that the kids had lots of fun.

(RIGHT: Arman with a Chinese Finger Trap)

We stayed for slightly more than an hour… Arman and Melur played almost every game (we spent $10 on tickets)… and won a few toys… and some muffins/cupcakes (not Mommy's Nutella Swirl Cupcakes though… they didn’t have those anymore when we arrived… Mommy's so proud).

Definitely lots of fun… we hope the school managed to raise the extra funds they needed.

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