Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother`s Day 2008

This Sunday is a special day... 11th May...Mother's Day. So today (the Friday before Mother’s Day), Mommy is invited to Arman's pre-school for lunch and a special presentation. Mommy arrived at 12:30pm, and all the kids were outside playing in the nearby park. Arman seems to be having so much fun playing with sand. After 10 minutes, we were all called inside... the kids washed up, and got ready for lunch.

Mommy was presented with chocolate shortbread layered with whipped cream and strawberries...yummy! What a surprise... Mommy was told that all the kids prepared the plates themselves.

Another BIG surprise was that Arman made a watercolor painting on canvas for Mommy. It is a nice gift... Mommy was so surprised and proud of him. He copied a picture of a flower and painted it all by himself. His teachers said that it took them about two weeks to get the gifts ready because they had to do it one-on-one with each little boy and girl... But it was definitely worth it. Mommy and all the other Mommies love the paintings very much... Thanks so much to all of Arman's teachers - Julie, Maria, Christine and Skylar!

Not to forget, Melur also made a special gift to Mommy at KinderClub. A book that describes Mommy very well.

My Mom by Melur

Page 1: My Mom is special
Page 2: My Mom can bake
Page 3: My Mom likes flowers
Page 4: My Mom loves me

Thanks Arman and Melur. This is the best Mother's Day yet...

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Aunty Yaya said...

omg those look yummy! wish i hadd sommeee!!