Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Kakak Jehan

For those who don’t know yet, Kakak Jehan baby-sits Arman and Melur every so often. She’s been great. And today is Kakak Jehan’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kakak Jehan! Anyway, Kak Ina is throwing her a surprise birthday party, and what an elaborate surprise it is.

Apparently, Kak Ina had told Kakak Jehan that she and a bunch of her friends were leaving town before they could celebrate her birthday. And believe me, Kakak Jehan was really upset that she’d be celebrating her birthday by her lonesome self.

So you can imagine, when we surprised her with her surprise birthday party, she was shocked to the core. Just look at her facial expression.

Anyway, the cup cakes were excellent!!! Kudos to Kak Ina for the big surprise. But I don’t think Kakak Jehan can take another big surprise like that.

Happy Birthday, Kakak Jehan

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