Friday, August 29, 2008

Melur’s Arts and Science Play

For the past week, Melur has been attending an Arts and Science camp over at the Commons Block. It’s a week long camp for kids during the Summer Break. And today is the last day of the camp, culminating in a play about Robots, Pirates and a Volcano.

Daddy wasn’t able to attend, since it was during work hours. But Mommy was able to bring Arman along and take some video of Melur’s performance on stage with the rest of her class.

Arman was apparently quite bored, and wanted to go home. One girl (from the play) cried profusely, because her mother wasn’t there to watch her (how sad is that?). Anyway, I’m sorry Daddy wasn’t able to attend. Maybe next time…

Keep up the Good Work, Melur!

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