Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pick-Up Arman

As we mentioned before, this academic year, Mommy sends Melur and Arman to school. Daddy picks up Arman after school. The days are starting to end a little later, bit by bit. I was surprised to find Arman and his Kinderclub classmates playing outside when I came to pick him up. It’s usually still dark when I arrive at Kinderclub around 5:15pm.

Anyway, Arman didn’t want to go home. He’s having so much fun. I’m sure Arman (and Melur) will start having so much more fun outside once Day Light Savings time kicks in in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for that myself.

Here’s Arman:

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The Husband said...

That last pic of arman in this post reminds me of one of Neils childhood haircut.. the Temenggung Jugah one.. hahaha..