Friday, May 14, 2010

Arman's First Interview

Arman came back from school last week with a note from his teacher, Mrs Richard (pronounced ree-shard). The note describes Arman's next project, which is due on May 25th. Arman needs to choose an occupation, use different strategies (e.g., Internet, books, interviews, watch a video, etc) to gather information about that particular occupation, create a poster with about six to ten facts, and give a short presentation in class on the due date. Arman's first choice was to find out about pilots... but unfortunately, we don't know anybody who's a pilot in Kingston (or anywhere else really). So, Arman ended up choosing librarians instead.

Fortunately, Mommy was able to arrange for Arman to meet a few librarians from the local university. The librarians were so happy when we told them that Arman chose librarians for his project. They simply think, "he is destined for greatness." So today, off we go to the Stauffer Library at Queen's University to meet with two librarians there - Susan and Cate. These two ladies were kind enough to spare some time to be interviewed by a 6-year old. Arman was quite the professional. He came prepared with questions. He gave a good, firm handshake to both ladies and introduced himself, explained to them briefly about his project, and then asked permission to start the interview. He did all that while still looking so cute!

These are the questions he prepared:
1. What do you do in the library?
2. When are your busiest times?
3. When are your work hours?
4. Who helps you with your job?
5. Who do you help?
6. What technologies do you use in your work?

At the end, the two ladies took their time to show Arman some neat gadgets that they have at the library. One that Arman was particularly keen on was this gadget that will make 2-D maps look 3-D, so that you can see the ground elevations and such.

Arman spent half an hour with the ladies, and left by saying thank you. The librarians seem to really appreciate the chocolate bars that Arman gave... just his small way of saying thank you. Arman will work on the poster this weekend, and he thinks that it'll be great. A big holler to the ladies at Stauffer Library for being so nice and helpful!

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