Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Good Muslims

The kids wanted to fast today (Saturday, Jan 2). Mommy and I were skeptical at first, when they first told us to wake them up for sahur in the morning. I told them, when Muslims fast, they wake up before sunrise to eat. You could technically eat before going to bed at night, but it’s not the preferred way. You have to sleep first, and get up for your last meal before starting your fast.

So the kids slept at the regular time (which is late by western standards, I think) of 9:30 pm. Lo and behold, they got up right away when I woke them up at 5:45 am. We had a quick meal of leftover curry from last night, with some frozen chapatti I cooked on a pan. When subuh came, we prayed jemaah together.

I also told them that as Muslims, it’s best not to go back to sleep after praying subuh (it’s not good to sleep after eating anyway). And so the kids stayed up and watched TV. I on the other hand, was so sleepy for staying up late last night. I wasn’t planning on fasting today, but since the kids wanted to fast, I had to fast too. And I went to bed after praying subuh :(

When I got up later that morning, the kids were still going strong. Sure, they were hungry, but they stuck in there. I tried to occupy their minds with something else. And so we prayed zuhur and asar together. Then, we headed out to Loblaw’s to get some cake for buka puasa. After getting the cake, I took them out grocery shopping. And the kids managed to make it ALL-THE-WAY. We buka puasa with Babybel cheese at the grocery store (we didn’t make it home in time). When we got home, Mommy had some fritters waiting for us. Here's a picture Mommy took, coming home from the grocery store with our cake.

Look at Melur's Make-Up. Nice cake though.

Before having our cake, we prayed maghrib and isha’ together as well. Soon after, Melur had her piece of cake. I said I’d have mine after dinner, and had cookies instead (didn’t want to spoil my dinner). Arman followed me (he often does, actually), and had cookies as well. Mommy prepared dinner soon after, and that was that.

Mommy and I were so proud of Melur and Arman today. I know many kids in Malaysia start fasting a lot sooner, but it’s hard here in Canada. And this is their FIRST time fasting a full day. Now the kids want to fast again tomorrow, so they can have more cake for buka puasa (the cake from Loblaw’s was REALLY good by the way). Hopefully, tomorrow turns out well.

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