Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Raya Open House at Coquitlam

"Selamat... Aidil Fitri..."
"Kepada Saudara Serta Saudari..."
"Setahun... Hanya Sekali..."
"Merayakan Hari Yang Mulia Ini..." and so the song goes...

I have to say, being in Vancouver for the first time, we were expecting a rather 'modest' Hari Raya. After all, the Malaysian population at UBC is mainly of chinese descent. I was surprised to find we were invited to an open house in the suburbs.

It was the second day of Raya. The 2-hour ride to Coquitlam required 3 buses and a train. The kids quite enjoyed the train ride. It was clean, and fast, and we caught a moving glimpse of the Vancouver suburbs. Mommy had to stay behind and do some work. So it was just Daddy, the kids, and some friends from UBC.

Oh my God... What a feast!!! There was quite a spread of Malaysian cuisine. Kudos to Kak Linda, who apparently is like a caterer or something. Food was AWESOME!! And there were SOOO MANY MALAYSIANS. Well, they all stay in the suburbs, and mostly working professionals, which explains a lack of Malay presence on UBC campus. They're all in the suburbs!

There were 2 girls about Melur's age, Feeza and Ain, so Melur made a lot of friends quickly. Arman had to settle with whatever was left... the guys...

It was a good day. Too bad Mommy couldn't join in the fun. It certainly felt a little bit like Raya despite not being in Malaysia. Hopefully there are more open houses that Mommy can check out.

Thanks you guys, for making us feel more at home...

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