Thursday, August 23, 2007

Training Wheels Off

Today, I saw Melur ride her friend’s bicycle… a two-wheeler without training wheels. I was so surprised. Just a few days ago, I tried to get Melur to ride her own bike without training wheels, but she kept falling. Today, she rode her friend’s bike, all by herself. But the friend’s bike was a lot smaller.

So today, we took the training wheels off Melur’s bike. Melur was a lot more confident on the bike. The trouble is just that her bike is a little large for her. We took some videos of her on the bike.

Arman on the other hand was content playing with the training wheels. He fiddled around with the screwdriver like an expert mechanic. I think we need to get a bike for Arman soon. Next spring, when the weather gets warmer, we’ll get one for Arman as well.

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