Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Fifth Birthday, Melur!

Today, we surprised Melur with ice-cream cake on her birthday. Melur is usually very good at remembering things, but we made sure not to remind her (or give her any hints) of her upcoming birthday. Haha… is that cruel and unusual? She seemed pleasantly surprised with the occasion. You can be the judge. We took a video of the unveiling:

After blowing out the cake, it was time to open presents. Melur only got one present from all of us. We got Melur a tutu (ballet outfit). She really likes this book about ballet, which we read to her at night. The outfit also includes authentic ballet slippers, though I think Melur thinks it’s a little weird without much foot support (it feels kind of like a sock).

Then it was on to enjoying the cake. Soon after, we had Melur try on the tutu. We’re planning to enroll Melur for Ballet classes later this semester. The semester hasn’t officially started yet, so we’ll see how that pans out.

So this is Melur’s birthday. Next one is Mommy in October. What shall we get her then?

Melur in her Tutu

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