Sunday, March 8, 2009

Harry 8K Run and Malaysia Food

Mommy and Papa love to run road races. There are plenty in Vancouver, held almost all year-round. As with last year, our first road race for this year is the Harry 8K Spring Run, which is an annual run held on the first Sunday of spring. However, unlike last year, Nenek is not around to play with Melur and Arman while Mommy and Papa do our run. For this time around, we asked Kakak Jehan to baby-sit.
Since the 8K run is at Stanley Park, we dropped off Kakak Jehan and the kids at one of the playgrounds there. The runners will pass the playground on their route... so Mommy and Papa were hoping that they’d be able to see the kids... maybe hear some words of encouragement from them. What actually happened was that the kids managed to see Papa from the throngs of runners (must be his bright blue running jacket), but they couldn't see Mommy at all... (Note to Mommy: buy a bright running jacket for next time!). Later on Kakak Jehan told Mommy and Papa that the kids went on the sandy area to collect seashells. They also had an altercation with a couple of crows... the crows stole one of the plastic food containers that Mommy packed for the kids.

After the successful run (shameless plug: just look at Mommy's Supergirl pose on her profile... that one was taken right after crossing the finish line), all of us (including Kakak Jehan) went to our favourite Malaysian restaurant in Vancouver - Seri Malaysia in East Hastings. The owner/chef, Uncle Jamal, is originally from Mersing (Mommy's hometown), and a few of Uncle Jamal's relatives work at the hospital where Nenek used to work... what a small world isn't it? We ate a very hearty lunch - satay, nasi beriyani, gado-gado, and sirap bandung...

Lastly, a shout of thanks to Kakak Jehan for making it possible for Mommy and Papa to run the Harry 8K this year...

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