Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas, Boxing Day, and Snow in Kingston

The whole neighborhood is covered in snow

Just reporting on what we are up to for the past few days...

December 25th - We don't celebrate Christmas, so we didn't do anything special on this day. But we were very productive - we clean-up the house! I got the kitchen, Papa got the office, and kids got the living room as well as their own room. We spent 3-4 hours... once in a while... the house needs a thorough cleaning. Leaving the bathroom for the weekend.

December 26th - Boxing Day around Kingston is just so-so. We don't have that many stores, and I don't feel like driving to Toronto to shop (still tired from the conference in Orlando). We still manage to get a good haul though. Mostly clothes for myself (a very much needed a winter coat among other things!) and the kids. Papa drove us around, but he didn't get anything. Sorry, honey! Maybe you can splurge on a tablet with bigger screen for the new year.

December 27th-28th - We suddenly got heavy snow in Kingston. Woke up in the morning and everything is covered in powdery snow. Papa spent a good part of his day shoveling snow. We can't leave the house because the drive way was totally covered in snow. The kids seem to have a lot of fun though... making forts, sliding down mini snow hills, and throwing snowballs. Some pictures below:

He looks like he's enjoying himself, but shoveling snow is a lot of hard work
Melur and Arman building their forts
Melur... resting on her lazy char made from snow
Arman... happy in his fort
*Sigh* At times like these... I start yearning for the days when we can pack our bikes and go bike riding on the trails.

Wondering when we would be able to enjoy the warm weather on a bike trail

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