Monday, December 31, 2012

Embracing Winter: Sledding @ Fort Henry

Roy embracing winter - sledding downhill at Fort Henry.
I've decided that the family will embrace winter this year. We've been in Kingston for almost four years, and we've never tried any of the winter activities as a family. As a first step, I decided that we'll all go sledding. Something that everybody in the family will be able to do.

The kids have been sledding in the front yard (we have a mini snow hill in our front yard!) for the past few days. I decided that we'll go sledding at Fort Henry, which is the best place for sledding in town (I read this online, not sure if it's true). I can't describe how much fun we had... we were there for more than an hour... just going up and down the hill. A few pictures of us in action:

Melur and Arman walking uphill... trudging through snow.
You can see me (in pink and blue... just like Melur), ahead of the kids. It was quite an uphill walk.
When I first saw this picture, I thought it was Melur... No, it was me going downhill... I was laughing and screaming at the same time all the way down!      
Reaching the bottom and seriously hoping that I'd stop before banging into the tree.

Dual action - the kids sledding together.
And the kids downhill...
Arman sledding with his favorite style - eager for action.
Melur sledding with her favorite style - relax and carefree!


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