Sunday, January 6, 2013

Melur the Handy Girl

Over the years, we’ve noticed something very interesting about Melur – she likes to put things together. When Arman gets a Lego set, strangely enough, it’s Melur who puts it together. And if/when it breaks, it’s Melur who puts it together again. Melur also likes putting together puzzles.

Recently, I put together Arman’s new desk and cabinet. I thought I’d test Melur by letting her put together some furniture herself. And yesterday, she passed with flying colours.

We started her off with something simple – a work chair for Arman’s desk. Other that unwrapping the box, Melur pretty much put the entire thing together. She needed minimal help from me. She managed to decipher the instructions herself:

Here she is with the completed product:

So we moved on to something more difficult, a book shelf for my office. This was a little tough, as there were some imperfections in the fabrication. But other than a few adjustments, Melur put most of the parts together herself. She put in every screw/bolt (although I may have tightened them at the end). Here’s the completed bookshelf for my office:

Nice job, Melur. I know who I can count on to put together our furniture in the future :p

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