Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ice Skating at Kitsilano Rink

It's our third straight Saturday at Kitsilano Ice Rink. Melur just loves to skate. She's been asking for rollerblades, so I thought we'd try ice skating first. Lo and behold, Melur starts skating on her own on her second trip, without using the little red cone that all the other kids are using!

Our Saturdays have become somewhat of a ritual. We visit the Vancouver library and pick out a few books. Then ice skating. And after that, groceries at Safeway.

Here we see Melur with the little red cone, which acts like training wheels. Some Malaysian students joined us for the first 2 trips, so it's been been fun. We'd definitely go again if we had the chance. Too bad Mommy hasn't been able to come along. But I've been keeping her up-to-date with pictures and videos of Melur and Arman from a camera phone. I got a camera phone for Mommy (for her birthday) which I've been borrowing on these Saturday rituals.

Poor Arman. He doesn't take too well to ice skating. Because of his leg structure, he's unable to stand on the ice with the ice skates on. I basically sat with him the first day, while Melur skated with the Malaysian students. I was able to carry him around on the ice on the second trip, just to give him a taste of skating.

Here's Arman sitting on the side lines. I can't very well be carrying him the entire 75-minute session. I gotta rest too. But he's getting the hang of it. He's starting to stand on his own on the ice. But still no skating. I've gotta groom him. I'm thinking the skating may help him orient his legs properly, so that they'll grow straighter. What do you think? Worth a shot, right?

Melur and Arman made some friends on the ice. Here is Oliver, around Arman's age, if I had to guess. And already he's skating like a pro - No Red Cones! So as you can tell, Melur and Oliver get along just fine. We can't wait for our next skating session. If we're back in Malaysia, we'll be sure to go skating at Sunway Pyramid Mall.

What a Lovely Family Activity!

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Azlyle said...

Hey Roy, Lyle here.

Great to hear you guys doing well over there. Alhamdullilah I'm faring great here. Just got two paychecks already and I'm steadily getting over my 'bankrupt' status ;). I'll be sure to skate with my niece and nephew if I see them there next. Good luck and see ya soon.