Sunday, November 5, 2006

Raya Open House at Richmond

Another weekend, another Raya, and this time in it's in Richmond. It's a lot closer to our UBC home than Coquitlam... well, still over an hour away via public transport. Thankfully, Ayu was able to come along this time to make it all the more festive.

We all wore our Baju Raya, and enjoyed each others company. Lepak! Here is Wei Kee hanging out with Arman and Mommy.

Melur, of course, was hanging out with the same friends she made at Coquitlam, Feeza and Ain. Add Kak Ina, and we get a quartet of girls.

Malaysian food galore. When else would we enjoy such exquisite Malaysian food so far away from Malaysia?

Well.. nothing much else happened today. I just hung out with the guys.

Looking forward to our next get together.

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