Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Bus Ride

That's the only way to travel...

Since it's the weekend, we headed out to the Halal Store to get some meat. As always, the bus is our main mode of transportation. There was a bit of an argument at the Halal Store today. Here's the story:

I had called the store earlier and ordered some meat for pickup. When I arrived, I indicated to the butcher (whom I called earlier) that I want to look around a little bit more before paying. Another gentlemen approached the butcher. When I was done looking around and ready to pay, I stepped forward to the counter.

The butcher asked me if I was done and would like to pay. Incidentally, the other gentlemen was still at the counter asking the butcher for some hooves. He was furious that the butcher entertained me first and not him. In his anger, he asked why the butcher attended to me first and not him. The butcher said, in his own strange accent, that I was 'FARST'.

The gentlemen thought that the butcher said I was 'FAST' which made him even MORE furious. You don't entertain customers based on who's fast. It's should be based on who's first! And the gentlemen continued to vent his frustration. The butcher just stayed silent, though visibly annoyed, frustrated and angry.

After some extended period of squabbling, the gentlemen finally realized that the butcher had said 'FIRST' and not 'FAST'. It was the butcher's mid-eastern accent (What the hell is 'FARST'?) that was confusing. The gentlemen was so apologetic after that. Whew... I think Mommy was quite distressed with the 'altercation'

Well.. once that blew over, and I paid for my meat, we headed back on the bus and stopped by, you guessed it, Tim Horton's, for some Tim Bits and Hot Chocolate. That was our short trip to town on a Sunday afternoon.

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