Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday, Fun Friday

The weather's getting much better. Today is 'Good Friday', which is a statutory holiday in Canada. So Daddy spent the day off with the kids. The kids naturally wanted to play outside and enjoy the sun. Here are some pictures of Melur and Arman at the Park!

Arman on his Toy Car

All around Acadia Park, there are toys littered everywhere. I think the housing area buys these toys (or maybe receives them as donations) for the community. In any case, the kids always pick up something, play with it for a while, and then return it. I don't think you'll find places like this outside of campus. Acadia Park is really university housing for students with families. And it shows.

Melur Playing with Friends

While Arman likes to play by himself, Melur will always look for a friend to play with. Here's a picture of Melur with one of her Korean friends, I forget his name. Melur has trouble remember the names of her friends too. I keep urging her to remember their names. It's really good practice.

Melur fixing her shoe

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